Groupement des Concessionnaires Renault Elargi (GCRE)

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are global companies, as well as commercial enterprises that support the GCRE they have an interest in the Association’s activity as something that develops for the present dealers as for the generations of the future, a sort of "heritage" for the future, represented by the GCRE itself.
The GCRE maintains strategic relations with its stakeholders for the purpose of carrying out its statutory mission, in the interests of the dealers in the European Union and in the European continent.
This section shortly describes the approach adopted by the GCRE with its main stakeholder groups to build and consolidate a relationship of mutual trust over time.



Groupement des Concessionares Élargi (GCRE) is an organisation which represents the Renault and Dacia dealer networks of several european and eurasian countries.

Their main goal is to influence the developments in (future) car retailing and distribution of spare parts. This by adding their extensive experience to discussions regarding mid- and longterm projects to be implemented.


For this purpose GCRE is in close contact with the manufacturer, Renault Group.

In order to share ideas, best practices and their experience for the use of developing midterm and longterm projects initiated by the manufacturer, G.C.R.E. and Renault Group representatives meet on a regular bases.


Currently the network representatives from the following countries are actively involved.

Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom.


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(Inter)nationaal automotive nieuws
Section Page News - Automotive News Europe
France plans Renault CEO hunt as board frays over Ghosn, report says
The French government is seeking candidates to replace Renault's embattled boss Carlos Ghosn, sources told Reuters, as board members began to voice doubts about keeping him in office following his indictment in Japan for suspected misconduct.

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Ford will end production at French transmission plant
Ford will end production at its Blanquefort gearbox plant in southwestern France by late August next year after it turned down an offer from Belgian company Punch Powerglide to buy the factory, potentially putting 850 jobs at risk.

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Renault keeps Ghosn at helm following pay probe
An investigation by Renault found that CEO Carlos Ghosn’s compensation at the French automaker was legal, leading the board to keep him at the helm despite facing charges in Japan for financial crimes.

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Fiat Chrysler may review $5.7B plan if Italy raises tax on cars
Fiat Chrysler could review its $5.7 billion Italian investment plan, which includes a shift to cleaner engines, if Rome raises taxes on gasoline and diesel cars.

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Brembo exec explains why being small helps in fast-changing industry
After the global financial crisis Italian supplier Brembo focused on its core brakes business. It sees its small size compared with giants such as Bosch and Continental as an advantage but is now looking to grow, Executive Deputy Chairman Matteo Tiraboschi said in an interview.

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Ford names new product development chief in Europe
Ford promoted global programs director Joerg Bayer to head of product development in Europe. He succeeds Joe Bakaj, who will retire after more than 30 years at the automaker.

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Automakers use Formula E to market EVs, test their technology
With more automakers such as Jaguar, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes joining the Formula E electric race series, it is proving an ideal test bed as they move toward a wider rollout of consumer EVs.

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Plug-in hybrids hit by tougher emissions rules, end of subsidies
Sales of plug-in hybrid cars are expected to plummet in Europe because of the new WLTP testing regime and the removal of incentives in the UK, the region's biggest market for such cars.

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Swedish company pushes autonomous cars to their limits to ensure trust in technology
Sweden's AstaZero has created a small city environment to test self-driving cars. CEO Peter Janevik explained the challenges for autonomous cars driving in mixed-reality test situations.

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Nissan says ex-boss Ghosn still has no access to Rio apartment
Nissan ex-Chairman Carlos Ghosn and his representatives still have no right to access a contested Rio de Janeiro apartment, the automaker said, after a fresh legal document showed a Brazilian court decision to grant access.

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